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8 Long-Gone Signs (And Sights) Of 1990s Manhattan

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[All photos © G. Alessandrini via his blog, New York in the 1990's.]

A film student in New York City during the 1990s, French fashion exec Gregoire Alessandrini maintains a blog that showcases his snaps of downtown New York at that time. He's already shared some seedy images of Times Square before the Giuliani-era cleanup as well as a tour of the pre-gentrifcation, pre-High Line, graffiti-filled Meatpacking District. Next up in the roster of bygone sights? A collection of signage, from advertisements to retail to gas stations, that dotted the city streets. Some of the billboards and shopfronts he captured are long gone, while others have managed to survive. Have a browse through the gallery above, and for more photos, check out his full roundup.
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