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Brooklyn Properties Setting New Records Left and Right

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978 Bushwick Avenue, a freestanding three-family Victorian townhouse, probably just set a Bushwick record when it closed for $1.225 million, Brownstoner reports. The late 19th century house, which was listed in late April and entered contract in less than a month, retained a lot of its original details—woodwork, etched glass, plaster moldings, inlayed floors, original mantles—during a recent renovation and also comes with a two car garage and a large backyard.

Meanwhile, in Carroll Gardens, unit #2 in 277 President Street very nearly set a condo record for the neighborhood when it closed for $2.4 million, according to the Observer. The 40-foot-wide, 3BR/2.5BA spans two brownstones and would have been the priciest Carroll Gardens condo ever to sell, if it weren't for that sneaky Sackett Union, which has, apparently, already sold a penthouse for $3.1 million. With records falling all over the place, it's like the steroid era of Brooklyn properties.
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Sackett Union

291 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11231