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Williamsburg Social Townhouses for Sale Starting at $2.38M

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Continuing the forcing-residents-to-interact-with-one-another concept espoused by the Williamsburg Social rental buildings (now 50 percent leased), two of the twelve adjacent townhouses, known at the Williamsburg Townhomes, have hit the market with prices starting at $2.38 million. Unlike the Social, which is sort of like a college dorm, the Townhomes are like twelve tiny contiguous dorms with only one family per dorm. But, in the name of socialization, they are seeking to revive the proud Brooklyn tradition of hanging out on stoops by a) having stoops, b) having the houses "set back 15 feet from the sidewalk, with unfenced paved front yards, creating a 200-foot-long common space with benches and planters for residents" (in other words, extra sidewalk), and c) having facades that look like dorms.

Each three-story house is basically identical at 14 feet, 9 inches wide, with 1,892 square feet of indoor space and 957 square feet of outdoor space. Each one has three bedrooms and four bathrooms with a backyard (fenced in, very un-chill), and a third-floor roof terrace.
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