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Someone Might Want To Live On St. Marks For $19,500/Month

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The penthouse addition atop 19 St. Mark's Place just popped back onto the rental market, upping its ask by $2,000/month from 2010, when it was last up for grabs. EV Grieve spotted the listing, noting that it's still a bargain compared with the 2008 rate of $25K/month. On the upside, this 3BR/3BA has both history and celebrity on its side?it's a former German music hall and scenester bar turned luxury rentals, and Bond leading man Daniel Craig may or may not have been its last resident. Keyed elevator access, two spacious terraces, and a wood-burning fireplacce are just a few modern-day perks. On the downside, though, whoever bites must not mind skirting tattoo parlors, vendors of marijuana paraphernalia, and the students queuing up for the mallified Chipotle and Red Mango outlets below.
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