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Ugly Betty Offices IRL; Fireworks Beef; Damn High Rents; More!

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DOWNTOWN?In 2006, innovation strategy group Control Group moved into a full floor of the 100-year-old Woolworth Building that included the mod office space where Ugly Betty was filmed. (Kinda incongruous with the building's exterior, but a cool contrast nonetheless.) Control Group has take a break from their blindingly white pods and joined forces with the New York Economic Development Corporation to encourage other businesses to move to Lower Manhattan; the NYEDC's program Take the HELM doles out more than $1 million to companies doing just that. Paperless Post is just one organization that won the competition's previous round, and the latest round of monetary incentives is now up for grabs. Applications are due July 15. [CurbedWire Inbox; official]

THE WATERWAYS?The barges that set off the 4th of July fireworks are in the Hudson River for the fifth straight year, and that pisses off people who believe that New Jersey shouldn't get front-row seats to our big show. That honor should to to places that are actually boroughs, like Brooklyn and Queens, according to mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio, State Senator Daniel Squadron, and Council Member Stephen Levin, who held a press conference in Brooklyn Bridge Park today. Said de Blasio: "The outer-boroughs aren't an afterthought. They should be the main event." Damn right. [CurbedWire Inbox]

TRIBECA?In yet another sign that the rent really is too damn high, even for rich people, personal trainer to the stars Peter Hionas closed his studio on Franklin Street. When a guy who's worked with celebs from Marina Abramovi? and Ralph Fiennes to Nicole Miller and David Rockwell decides to not to resign a lease, because of "rising rents that are ten times what they were in the mid 90s," what hope do the rest of the city's rent-paying wretches have? [CurbedWire Inbox]

HARLEM?Dunbar Apartments, a landmarked affordable housing complex built especially for African-American residents, has changed ownership again. A tipster sent us a notice posted around the complex saying that Dunbar Manor LLC has sold the complex to Dunbar Owner LLC. (Man, those LLC names really don't tell us anything.) The sale is interesting because of the complex's very recent foreclosure history. Let's play ownership musical chairs, shall we? [CurbedWire Inbox]