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$2.095 Million FiDi Co-op Has a Secret Bookcase Door

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The listing photos for #15 at 26 Beaver Street fail to reveal the most interesting element of the apartment, but the floorplan, as usual, shows all. What caught our tipster's eye was something out of the ordinary in the living/dining room: a secret bookcase door leading to?a closet. Okay, so it's not as exciting as one might hope, but there's some minor potential there for the apartment's future owner. The place is asking $2.095 million after a recent PriceChop (initial ask in March: $2.25 million). It last sold in 2004 for $1.275 million.
The brokerbabble mentions a few improvements, including "elegant brass entry gates" that separate the elevator from the apartment. There are also new windows coated to protect furniture and rugs from sun rays, and there's a built-in speaker system. Here's what the place looks like:

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