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A First Look at the Statue of Liberty's Hidden Corners

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[Video by Drew Dickler.]

The National Park Service, which maintains Lady Liberty and her fair isle in New York Harbor, released some rad video footage ahead of her oh-so-patriotic July 4th reopening. Views from the tippy top now include One World Trade Center, which wasn't possible nine months ago when Sandy flooded Liberty Island and shut 'er down. The icon of freedom allows the camera to pan freely (naturally) about her pedestal, up her flowing metal robes, and along the double-spiral staircase that leads visitors to her hollow crown. Despite lots of hiccups, like last-minute preparations to fully counteract all the hurricane damage and prepare the security screening areas in Battery Park City, the green girl is all set to welcome visitors on Independence Day. It's 20 bucks to get up to the crown, and reservations are limited, but anyone can check out our video for free. Cue the national anthem, and enjoy.
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One World Trade Center Freedom Tower

72 Vesey Street, New York, NY 10006