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The 10 Cheapest Townhouses For Sale In Brownstone Brooklyn

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With Brooklyn properties setting all kinds of new records and townhouses in the nicer parts of the borough just flying off the shelves, let's take a look at the 10 cheapest single-family townhouses currently for sale in Brownstone Brooklyn. Bonus points if you can buy in all cash, because, you know, it seems everyone is. That means we excluded (on purpose, folks) a number of cheaper properties that were multi-family or multi-unit, plus ones that clearly required a gut renovation. This list does bring new meaning to the words "low inventory"?a cringe-inducing catchphrase everyone is throwing around a lot these days?but there might be a deal or two to be had. If you consider "under $2 million" to be a deal. In that case, there's one deal. It's this one.

? 1) On the market for just one day (so no wonder it's still available), this 5BR/3.5BA is cheapest of them all. Located on Warren Street in Cobble Hill, you won't find some new renovation job here (and the overgrown garden definitely needs some work), but the lot is 100 feet deep and the interior details?exposed brick, mantles, tin ceilings?are certainly charming. It's asking $1,995,000.

? 2) This four-story, 7BR house in Fort Greene was listed earlier this month for $2,100,000 after being owned by a single family for almost sixty years. Unsurprisingly, it could probably use some work (at the very least, some new paint and floor maintenance), but, that said, it's gotten a new roof, water heater, and boiler all within the past five years, and features a large, lush backyard. It's tough to see it lasting too much longer on the market.

? 3) Here's what $2,695,000 can get you in today's market: A nicely renovated 4BR/3A single-family home on 10th Street in Park Slope, with attractive interiors, an up-to-date kitchen, a handsome center staircase, and a landscaped garden.

? 4) In Cobble Hill, this charming little three-story 1850 townhouse wants $2,800,000 and was recently renovated into a single-family. It features ornamental molding on the ceiling and an enormous eat-in kitchen.

? 5) Let's mosey along to Carroll Gardens, shall we, where this modern four-bedroom, 4.5-bath brick house on Clinton Street is asking $3,350,000. The recently renovated home has a double-height dining room with massive windows and an ambiguous (but nifty) fireplace/aquarium thing as wall decor, as well as multiple outdoor spaces including a roof deck with harbor and Lower Manhattan views. No, not too shabby at all for the fifth-cheapest single-family townhouse in Brownstone Brooklyn.

? 6) The broker listing for this townhouse is calling it a "historic 4-story, single-family Boerum Hill home," by which he means that it was a historic home until the current owners bought it for $775,000 in 2010 and renovated it into the modern thing possible. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing. It's now asking $3,500,000.

? 7) Before we dive into an analysis of the special bit of Park Slope goodness that is the old-fashioned, limestone-clad five-bedroom at 8 Polhemus Place, first things first. The myriad Oriental carpets? Probably not included. Unsurprisingly, chandeliers, sconces, wooden molding of various provenance (maple, cherry, mahogany), stained glass, and sundry old-school ornamentation are key features of this house. But if you don't like what looks like framed flowered upholstery on the walls, well, that's understandable, and easily fixed. For $4,199,000, you also get a landscaped private yard with a brick patio.

? 8) In Clinton Hill, this 6,592-square-foot 5BR/5BA with a one-car garage was built in 2006 to imitate a 19th century carriage house that was converted into a townhouse. Apparently, prospective buyers aren't really feeling the lack of authenticity—it was listed for $4,875,000 in May and chopped to $4,250,000 last month.

? 9) Back in Cobble Hill, this 5BR/2.5BA is what the brokerbabble calls an "architect's dream townhouse," with a double-height dining room framed by "floating metal & wood staircases." Along with the contemporary reno, there's also a decked yard, a roof terrace with views, and a basement with a game room, storage room, and powder room. All this can be yours for $4,250,000.

? 10) And the tenth "cheapest" single-family townhouse in Brownstone Brooklyn is ... the incredible townhouse in Cobble Hill that features an 18' x 10' wall of nine species of plants running up the first two stories that is "fully irrigated and controlled offsite. It consists of 1,080 individually potted plants that can be easily swapped out." Or, you know, as easily as you can swap out 1,080 individual potted plants. The place is pretty amazing, if a tad overpriced, at $8,000,000. There's probably a lesson here somewhere.

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