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Sandy-Damaged Bungalow Emerges, Remade Into Showhouse

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Shelter magazine Country Living departed from tradition this year by choosing for its annual showhouse not the usual mansion or luxury townhouse but a beach bungalow destroyed during Hurricane Sandy. The Breezy Point bungalow, owned by Marian Lizzi, was flooded with 30 inches of water during the storm, and most of Lizzi's belongings were destroyed. Country Living selected Lizzi's house for its rehab based on photos she sent in last year; Curbed National has a few more images from the home's makeover. Even without the damage from the storm, said designer Emily Henderson, "the paper floorplan and the layout weren't working for her at all," so the makeover became a far-reaching attempt to create a younger, cooler house with brightly-colored "pops of happiness," flea market finds, and a more open feel.
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