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Is This Cheap Kensington Pad Really the Seventh Circle of Hell?

The Catch, in which we present everything-looks-good-except listings, needs you! Send your nominees to and we'll consider them for public shaming.

An apartment hunting-tipster sent along this listing she found in 39 Turner Place for a "spacious and sunny one bedroom ... located on the sixth floor of a well kept elevator building a couple blocks away from beautiful Prospect Park in Kensington." It looks nice, clean, pretty okay location-wise, and, at only $1,450/month, was inside our tipster's price range. So, being a savvy consumer, she decided to do a little more research.

As it turns out, the tenants of 39 Turner Place have banded together to create this Craigslist ad warning prospective renters against moving into the building, in which they allege: illegal leasing practices and rent increases, lead paint, leaks, vermin, bed bugs, no trash pickup, a semi-functioning elevator, and broken mailboxes and stairs. "Our front door is currently broken," they add, "allowing anyone to enter, although the super charges $30/front door key 'for his convenience.' He works fewer than 40 hours a week, yells at tenants, tries to keep us from holding meetings, and withholds repairs (which he calls 'favors') when he is unhappy with tenants." The tenants also have a blog. The internet is incredible.

So, that's kind of a catch. "The search continues," our tipster concludes.
· Listing: 1.5br, Kensington, Brooklyn, $1,450 [Naked Apartments]
· $725 / 8br - 39 Turner Place, SMRC, Galster Management [Craigslist]