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Meet One of Hoboken's Newest Projects, 1100 Maxwell Place

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Welcome to State o' the Garden State, a new Curbed feature in which we explore the new developments under construction and newly for sale in Hoboken and Jersey City. Have a new development you'd like us to consider? Let us know via the tipline.

Toll Brothers City Living was one of the first developers to venture into Hoboken in recent years, with seven buildings in the neighborhood completed and more underway. So to launch our State o' the Garden State column?an occasional feature that will explore new developments in Hoboken and Jersey City, neighborhoods increasingly popular with New Yorkers?we stopped by one of the developer's in-progress projects, 1100 Maxwell Place. The building launched sales two months ago and was about one-third sold when we stopped by earlier this month.

The complex is all new construction but was built on the site of the old Maxwell House coffee plant, once a Hoboken landmark, and a photo of the factory hangs near the sales office. That's the only nod to the site's history that we noticed: the retail mix, which includes a 16 Handles, a daycare center, and a Toni & Guy salon, is all modern, as are the amenities. Those include pools, lounges, fitness centers, parking (including 810 spaces under the central courtyard of already-completed 1125 Maxwell Place) and a shuttle to the Path train, which stops at the other end of Hoboken. Buyers could also buy slips for their boats at the marina just outside 1125 Maxwell Place, which could make for an amazing commute.

The buyers are a mix demographically, according to Chris Chang, the senior project manager at Maxwell Place. There are commuters to Manhattan, pharmaceutical industry employees from other parts of New Jersey, and empty nesters. (The only segment of the population not buying in the buildings seem to be older couples with kids.) Several families looking for more space have already made plans to move from 1125 Maxwell Place to 1100, which opened to an 1,100-person interest list. Prices at 1100 Maxwell begin at $500,000 and go over $2 million, with rooftop cabana spaces sold separately. (At 1125 Maxwell Place, where a few of the waterfront-view apartments are still on the market, the average sale price has been around $700/square foot, topping out around $1,300/square foot.)

The developer made some changes to the design of 1100 Maxwell Place?the finishes are more contemporary than in 1125 Maxwell, judging by the kitchen and bathroom model set up in the sales office. In response to feedback from prospective buyers, the master bathrooms have larger showers and no tubs. We took a look around the unfinished 1100 building?those are our photos in the gallery above. Closings should begin next spring.
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