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How is This Queens House a Real Thing That Exists?

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This is a real house that exists at 32-15 60th Street in Woodside, Queens. It's a two-family. People are not allowed to live in it.

Queens Crap first noticed the place and has diligently tracked its history via Department of Buildings permits, complaints, and violations, not that any of those really answer the central question. But here's what we know: Prior to 2006, the site was a driveway/side yard. In '06, permits were filed to build a two-family house and revoked the following year. The architect on file at that time was Akeeb Shekoni of Askon Architects, a firm that, according to its website, creates "one-of-a-kind home[s]" and can offer "personalized services at competitive rates." Nevertheless, Askon's other projects all appear to be fairly normal houses built on the actual ground with doors in the appropriate places, so who knows how involved they still were in 2010 when 32-15 60th Street was hit with a stop work order for "work without a permit and defective fence."

After that, the house has sat vacant, except for some possible squatters. How are they even getting in? Rope ladders?

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