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West 12th St. McMansion Update; Celeb Rumors at 250 West

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GREENWICH VILLAGE?The ugly and mysterious McMansion that rose at the corner of West 12th and Greenwich Streets has slowly been revealing itself, after several years of construction. The scaffolding came down back in May, and recently a curious tipster peeked behind the construction fencing and learned that the 11,890-square-foot house will have heated sidewalks (photo at right). Fancy! DOB records show that the owners applied for their Certificate of Occupancy at the end of June, and the ground floor will be occupied by 3,380-square-feet of commercial space. The rest is a single-family home that somehow won approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

TRIBECA?When he's not riding Citi Bikes, apparently Leonardo DiCaprio is apartment hunting. A gossip sent word to the tipline that the movie star checked out "and possibly purchased" the penthouse at 250 West Street. "That's the buzz amongst the residents who have moved in thus far," writes our tipster. The 7,200-square-foot penthouse was designed with the rich and famous in mind?it has its own entrance, garage, and elevator?and during the preview party, we were told a few celebrities had toured the place. The penthouse was listed for $42 million, but it was taken off the market 10 days ago, so perhaps it did find a buyer. We reached out to the broker for more info. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

250 West Street

250 West Street, New York, NY