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Prolific Hotel Developer Plans More Hotels For NoMad

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Hotel developers, especially John Lam, really love NoMad. Lam is the man behind the Four Points Hotel at 160 West 25th Street, and now Crain's reports that he is purchasing a nearby parking garage from Extell with plans to erect a $300 million, 270,000-square-foot luxury hotel in its place. The mid-block site fronts on both 25th and 24th Streets, and it will have retail on the ground floor. The purchase of the property is not yet final, so a timeline for construction is still unclear.

But that's okay because Lam has another hotel project in the works, and that begins next year. On Broadway between 29th and 30th Streets, Lam is building two hotels, totaling 300,000-square-feet, plus 50,000-square-feet of retail, which Lam describes as a (dreaded) shopping mall. Lam reached a deal with Virgin Hotels to operate one of the hotels, and he's currently in talks with another operator for the second. Previous reports suggested Starwood or Marriot. We're more concerned with how these buildings will look since Lam isn't exactly known for grand architecture. One Curbed commenter has described him as "an architectural terrorist," who will likely "put up a cardboard-quality shoebox that breaks the streetwall and generally looks like trash"?i.e. his Four Points hotel, pictured above.
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Photo via Property Shark