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Watch 165 Years of Midtown Development in a Single Minute

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If you're a New York City history buff you probably know that a long time ago the buildings in Midtown were not very tall, but over the years buildings of increasing heights were constructed and now there are lots of very tall buildings. But what you probably didn't know was how cool it would be to watch a virtual animation of all those buildings going up. Cube Cities has created that very animation, showing 165 years of development south of 59th Street, from 1850 to 2015 (they're also wizards who can see two years into the future), and it's a pretty fun watch. It's also interesting to look at from a historical perspective and see, for instance, what periods of intense development (the 1920s and '70s) looked like in comparison to the slower times (the 1940s and '50s), or how all the buildings in Midtown were painted green, purple, and blue in the late '50s.
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