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Lavish Upper East Side Mansion Hits the Market for $30 Million

A six-story, 13,000-square-foot mansion at 7 East 84th Street has just come on the market for the first time in almost two decades with an asking price of $30 million. Located within the confines of the Metropolitan Museum Historic District, the 129-year-old house has been renovated and maintained—although not modernized (aesthetically, at least)—by its current owner, fearsome (to developers) tenants' rights lawyer David Rozenholc, who, with his wife, purchased it in 1996 for an undisclosed amount. In addition to the wine cellar, eight fireplaces with various imported mantles, and "antique lead fountain, flanked by trellises of growing ivy," it's also, apparently, one of only seven homes between Fifth and Madison Avenues with a private garage.

· Listing: 7 East 84th Street [Elliman]