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432 Park Gets Just What It Needed: A Second Penthouse

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When one $95 million penthouse isn't enough, why not just add another? After scouring filings with the Attorney General's office, the Real Deal reports that superscraper 432 Park Avenue's developers, Macklowe and CIM, are rejiggering the top floors in order to sell a 96th-floor unit for $95 million?Penthouse No. 1, count it?and a 95th-floor unit for a discounted $85 million. And there we have Penthouse No. 2, even though it's not on the tippy top of the 1,396-foot-tall tower. Go figure. It appears that the "developers created the new 96th floor by apparently using extra high ceilings in the former 95th floor unit." New York City's soon-to-be tallest residential building is also planning to slash the number of units in the building from 141 to 125, while increasing the amount of residential space to 412,637 square feet. A la the building's last "short film" a.k.a. promotional video, we think this blockbuster announcement calls for more tightrope walkers, tango dancers, and ballerinas, with another cameo by Harry Macklowe as King Kong. And, action!
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