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Renters Seek Honest, Responsible Landlord ... Via Craigslist

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As a landlord, you must be getting pretty sick of having potential renters get in touch with you, then running credit checks, looking at pay stubs, and following up with references to determine whether or not they're responsible enough to be given a lease. Why can't renting out my apartments be more like online dating? you must be constantly asking yourself. Why can't I be the one who contacts the renters, meets them in a coffee shop, and listens to them talk about themselves? Well, now you can, with new Reverse Listings, available on Craigslist. And it's a pretty great deal for the renters, too; as they say in their listing, it's scary out there what with all the manipulative scammers. That's why the only thing left to do is to ask random internet strangers to contact you and offer up apartments. Problem solved.

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