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Bonkers $50 Million Tribeca Mansion Finds a Buyer

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Tribeca's 23,500-square-foot loft mansion, 144 Duane Street, has, at long last, entered contract. The insane 150-year-old former shoe store first hit the market in 2011 with an asking price of $45 million and the amenities to match, offering such luxuries as a basement basketball court, landscaped roof deck, soaring ceilings, and one of the all-time great floating staircases. Over the past two years it has been offered as a $100,000/month rental, upped its price to $49.5 million, and piqued the interest of a "Facebook insider." But, like all good things, the saga of 144 Duane Steet is drawing to a close (for now). No word yet on who the buyer is, what his or her plans are for the enormous space, or the final agreed upon price.
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144 Duane Street

144 Duane Street, New York, NY