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Hotel Le Bleu Owners Plan Another Gowanus Outpost

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Just a few weeks after putting their trailblazing Hotel Le Bleu on the market for $12 million, Globiwest Hospitality announces plans for a new boutique hotel in the same neighborhood. DNAinfo reports that the hotel operator filed plans to build a six-story, 58-room inn at 399 Third Avenue at Sixth Street. Globiwest Principal Mukesh Patel said the hotel will be similar to Hotel Le Bleu (the neighbors won't be happy), and it will offer "way more" than the chain hotels that have popped up in Gowanus. The hotel will rise on an empty lot right next to the U-Haul building (where the Eagle Clothes sign was located).

Hotel Le Bleu opened in 2007, and Patel believes that they were the catalyst for change (i.e. new residential developments and stores) in the neighborhood. He told DNAinfo: "You have to respect that someone is investing money into the neighborhood and making it a great neighborhood. Gowanus and Park Slope wouldn't have been great if all these projects hadn't come into play?Now you see Whole Foods going up. Why would Whole Foods go right next to the Gowanus Canal if it wasn't the right spot to be?" No one burst his bubble by telling him that Whole Foods has been in the works for nearly a decade.
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