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Sponge Park Is Actually Coming To The Gowanus Canal

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It's been more than five years since the Sponge Park first came onto the Gowanus Canal scene, and now, finally, part of the park will actually be construction along the banks of the stinky waterway. The Daily News reports that enough money has been raised from city, state, and federal grants to build a small portion of the park where Second Street ends at the canal. To build the pollution-preventing green space, which was created by the Gowanus Canal Conservancy and dlandstudio, soil-filled concrete cells will be installed under the street to catch and filter stormwater before it runs into the canal. The park will be covered with plants that naturally absorb or breakdown toxins, heavy metals, and contaminants from sewage overflow, along with plants that soak up excess water like a sponge (get it?).

The park will cost $1.5 million, and construction will begin in 2014. If all goes as planned (which is unlikely with anything related to/near the Gowanus Canal), the park should open in summer 2015.
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