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Ratner and Dolan Battle Over Nassau Coliseum Restoration

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On Friday, the two arena giants of New York submitted their final proposals to revamp the decaying Nassau Coliseum, vying for the right to spearhead the project and run the arena.

One one side, Barclay's Center developer Bruce Ratner, whose plan is to basically remodel the Coliseum in the image of the Barclay's Center "crossed with a UFO, with glass and steel coiled atop the dome." On the other, Madison Square Garden CEO James Dolan, who wants to attach some shiny panels to the outside for a more subtle upgrade.
Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano is expected to announce the winner in the coming days, and regardless of who attains the rights, most Long Islanders just seem happy that the project—long-discussed and postponed—is moving forward. But despite talking an awfully big game, each camp has its own foibles, with critics pointing to Forest City Ratner's Atlantic Yards hiccups. Dolan—who's still nursing his City Council wounds—faces a level of animosity that one reserves for an occupying power, given the long and intense Rangers-Islanders rivalry. Ed Blumenfeld (one of the original bidders and CEO of Blumenfeld Development Group) agreed, saying that, "The idea that the Rangers are going to come in here and build an Islanders-themed sports bar with pillaged memorabilia, it's enough to make any Strong Islander bulimic."

Oh good lord.
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