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$125 Million Triplex Penthouse At the Pierre Is Now Empty

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The triplex penthouse at the Pierre, owned by the late Martin Zweig, is still on the open market for the mindboggling price of $125 million, but it is now without a resident. The Observer reports that Zweig's widow, Barbara Digan Zweig, has vacated the sprawling residence to move into a $12 million apartment on the 24th floor that we're assuming is more fit for one person?sixteen rooms, including five master bedrooms and nine bathrooms, does seem a tad too large?but the closing price and the floor are all we know. Sadly for us, it was an off-market sale, so we have no photos of the new digs.

Without a new owner for the penthouse, Zweig is still responsible for the $42,720 monthly maintenance fee, but that barely makes a dent in her massive pile of gold bricks. After all, the Pierre doesn't deal with such silly things as financing, so she had to buy her new home in all cash. We've heard no rumors that indicate the penthouse may have sold, but Zweig's relocation makes us wonder if a deal is close. Have more intel? Please do send it to the tipline.
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The Pierre – A Taj Hotel

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