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What a $550,000 Apartment Looks Like in Brooklyn

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"Average"-priced apartments are the middle children of the New York City real estate market?often overshadowed by high-end headliners on one side and more affordable but still appealing places on the other. Welcome to Taking the Average, a new Curbed feature in which we'll explore what's available in a particular neighborhood at the area's average price (as determined by market reports). Up today, Brooklyn.

The second-quarter market reports placed the median sales price of a Brooklyn apartment at $550,000. So what's actually on the market for that price? We poked around StreetEasy for a few examples. Up first, above, is a 1 BR, 1BA co-op at 30 Monroe Place in Brooklyn Heights. The property has a renovated kitchen and bathroom and a monthly maintenance of $748?and recently saw its price upped by $11,000. (Thanks, quarterly market reports.)

In Boerum Hill, this 1 BR, 1BA condo at 378 Baltic Street has common charges of $330/month and taxes of $21/month (with an abatement that expires in 2024). The price breaks down to $903/square foot.

And finally, another 1 BR, 1BA condo, this time in DoBro, with common charges of $409/month and monthly taxes (with abatement) of $28. This building has the standard luxury amenities (health club, garage, courtyard?and "water," according to the listing, though we're not sure how that's an amenity), and the unit has a private terrace.
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