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Yankee Stadium Overshadows This Lovely Art Deco Landmark

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In 1931, architect Marvin Fine finished an eight-story Art Deco apartment building that was so beautiful, the creator included a terra cotta motif on the facade that showed him offering a model of the building for approval to the Parthenon. Located at 1005 Jerome Avenue, the 200-unit complex was named Park Plaza, as it faced the lush Macombs Dam Park. Its intricate, artistic detailing?polychome motifs and murals wrap around the building, carved animal sculptures (wolves, birds, squirrels, and frogs) guard doors and windows, and every cast iron gate has a different whimsical pattern?led it to be landmarked in 1981, but now the building gets lost in the shadow of its famous neighbor: Yankee Stadium. Nick Carr of Scouting NY recently photographed the building's insane Art Deco details, and we share a few of his images here.

The building is directly across Jerome Avenue from Gate 2 of Yankee Stadium.

This image shows a man offering a skyscraper to the Parthenon, which Forgotten NY explains is the architect offering a model of the building. Click through to Scouting NY for more photos.
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