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Visit A Tricked-Out Dumpster Home; Design The QueensWay

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[Photos via Gregory Kloehn's website.]

RED HOOK?Remember the guy who, when he comes to New York, lives in a dumpster that he outfitted with a toilet, stove, sink, rooftop lounge chair, BBQ grill, and minibar? Well, Gregory Kloehn is currently hanging out in Red Hook at Pioneer Works, working on a new sculpture, with his dumpster home by his side. UPDATE: We hear from his rep that, specifically, he's "transforming shipping containers out in the gallery's gardens. He also has photos of his latest mini homes that he has been donating to the homeless in Oakland. The mini homes are made of trash from the streets. He also created a series of bicycles that make a mobile restaurant." Go visit him and send us more pictures! Bonus points if you see how many people you can fit inside the dumpster home. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

QUEENS?As we wait for the results of the RFP for the QueensWay?that borough's High Line-style proposal, which takes advantage of the abandoned LIRR train tracks between Ozone Park and Rego Park?other designers are getting a chance to weigh in. A competition run by the Emerging New York Architects (ENYA) committee of the AIA's New York chapter is encouraging design students and young professionals (which could mean architects, artists, engineers, landscape architects, urban designers, or planners) to "supplement the ongoing feasibility study for the railway's transformation by proposing ways the future park can be activated in addition to recreation and leisure." One of the main goals is to join together street life and the particular communities through which the park will pass with the actual design and programming of the park. There's a launch party for the contest on August 22, submissions are due in January, and a winner will be announced in March. [CurbedWire Inbox; official; previously]