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The 10 Cheapest Manhattan Townhouses For Sale Right Now

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Because our roundup of the cheapest townhouses for sale in Brownstone Brooklyn sparked much discussion and debate, we decided to compile the same list for Manhattan. Here's the criteria we used to search StreetEasy: the listings had to be for a single-family home?not divided into multiple units, like rentals and an owner's apartment?and they had to be mostly move-in ready, that is, a gut renovation wouldn't be required. Sticking to these stringent standards, the biggest townhouse "bargains" in Manhattan are in Hamilton Heights and Harlem, followed by a sprinkling on the Upper East and West Sides and one apiece in Murray Hill and the West Village. The cheapest, at $1,999,999, is the five-bedroom, three-bathroom house at 221 West 113rd Street, pictured above, which is just a few blocks from the northern edge of Central Park. It's only been owned by two families in its 110-year history, and original Victorian wooden details and fireplaces abound... everywhere. Unfortunately, stellar photography doesn't.

? Head up to Hamilton Heights for this 6BR/4.5BA at 465 West 141st Street. With an asking price of $2,395,000, you'll get mahogany paneling, coffered ceilings, a columned parlor, and lots of other prewar goodies. Plus, there's a terrace.

? This corner house at 420 Convent Avenue is yet another Hamilton Heights charmer, with one of those enviable old-school tin ceilings in the kitchen and a pretty decadent standalone bathtub. The Romanesque Revival facade (one of a handsome row of six) belies a recent renovation with oodles of ornate woodwork, eight fireplaces, and a pretty darn modern walk-in closet (wood-paneled, of course), all of which will run you $2,999,000.

? Downtown just a bit, at 105 Manhattan Avenue along so-called "Doctors' Row", sits a four-story 4BR/3BA for $3,350,000. It too has fireplaces, as well as old-fashioned chandeliers, though we're not quite sure we agree with this line of the brokerbabble: "You feel like you are in the suburbs." Nope, you're still on 104th Street. If only there were more photos, maybe we'd concur?

? This luxury property at the corner of Convent Avenue in Hamilton Heights has been on and off the market for years. The most glamorous of all these offerings, 1892-built 430 West 147th Street has tons of sleek, modern trappings, including a home movie theater, a game room, heated floors, and a landscaped rear garden. The 10 bedrooms will ensure plenty of privacy, that's for sure, at a cost of $3.5 million. [previously]

? Also clocking in at $3.5M, 5A Carmine Street doubles as one of the oldest houses on the market right now. This little gem has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a hidden entrance off Carmine Street. And, you know, just a bit of exposed brick. Simply adorable. [previously]

? All right, these babies are gettin' fancier and fancier. We first noticed 136 East 38th Street when the brokerbabble mistakenly said it was built by Carnegie Mellon?who doesn't exist. That's behind us now, and the four-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom townhouse in Murray Hill is still on the market in all its opulent glory, with large draperies, a frescoed dining room, and leather armchairs staging the $3,995,000 package.

? Hey there, we've cracked the $4 million mark. $4,050,000, to be precise. This Upper West Side townhouse at 159 West 88th Street has a Gothic Revival facade that belies a couple of bold interior choices, like a bright red bathtub. But don't forget about the wood paneling, of which there is even more. And a rooftop terrace, too.

? For $4,400,000, we're breaking into the Upper East Side market. At 428 East 84th Street, expect a double-height living room, a dramatic center staircase, lots of crushed velvet and carpeting, plus a couple of zebra-print chairs for good measure. The 2-bed, 2-bath is eclectic, and the petite facade and floorplan are a little goofy-looking, but it's the best you're going to do in this neighborhood, we're afraid.

? The exterior of 385 West End Avenue is notable, that's for sure, with its red Flemish Renaissance (yeah, we don't know) design, arched windows, and oddly crenelated roofline. Its four floors include at least three bedrooms, an office, a playroom, and two outdoor spaces. With an ask of $4,600,000, it's the 10th-cheapest house in Manhattan. Kinda puts this crazy market into rather harsh perspective, doesn't it?
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