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Orchard Street Hell Building Is Rising Fast, Still Has Issues

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After seven years of rumors, delays, and general awfulness, the Orchard Street Hell Building is rising quickly in the Lower East Side. The old building was demolished earlier this year, and Bowery Boogie snapped some recent photos showing the new structure is already at six-stories. It will eventually reach 24 stories and hold a 150-room Hotel Indigo. But you know what they say: once a shitshow, always a shitshow?a partial Stop Work Order exists on the property.

The SWO is for what appears to be improper/lack of structural support on columns in the mezzanine and sub-cellar levels. It's is filed under "Construction Contrary/Beyond Approved Plans," and it was assigned to the "Emergency Response Team," so it seems to be a serious infraction. A full Stop Work Order was enacted in June, but at the beginning of July, it was rescinded to the current partial SWO. Work is currently allowed to continue up to the seventh floor, so let's hope they get it together soon so the site does not revert to its zombie days.
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180 Orchard Street

180 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002