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Watch This Supercut of Gritty '60s and '70s New York City

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Dirty Old New York aka Fun City, Part I from Jonathan Hertzberg on Vimeo.

Self-described "lifelong cinephile" Jonathan Hertzberg has embarked on a project where he collects clips from 1960s and '70s movies shot on location in New York City and cuts them together so that they are "connected by at least one of the following: location, film, character, actor, signage, repeating object, or recurring motif." The result—complete with pay phones, people reading actual newspapers on public transportation, and Manhattan streetwalkers—is titled Dirty Old New York aka Fun City, and it's an entrancing look at a city that is, in many ways, completely different from the one we live in today. In forty years, some kid will probably make another one of these (using the video editing software embedded in his teeth) that features shots of people texting and riding around on Citi Bikes. But this one will still be better.
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