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Green Site 'Fence' Is A Shvo; Construction Watch At The Quin

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WEST CHELSEA?The man behind 20 Pine and a hypothetical lunar property who has the most pun-tastic name ever?that's right, Michael Shvo?is back in action. Having bought a Getty gas station at 239 Tenth Avenue (that's b/w 24th and 25th) for $23.5 million, our Shvo man just greenified the space. To be precise, he's installed 50 seven-foot Arborvitae trees to line the perimeter of the work site and act as an extension of the High Line. His reps say it's the first time a developer has used hedges in this manner. Before it all becomes condos, of course. So let's get this Shvo on the road! [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

MIDTOWN?It's not much to go on, but that photo at right is the latest construction update from new 57th Street hotel The Quin (thanks, tipster!). With an eagerly anticipated opening of September 1, this Perkins Eastman-designed 205-roomer is a little quirky/artsy with a celeb-studded past. The lobby has clearly got a ways to go, but we're excited anyway. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

The Quin

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