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New York City's Narrowest House Sells for $3.25 Million

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The newest owner of New York City's narrowest house at 75 1/2 Bedford Street is one George Gund. The Post reports that Gund paid $3.25 million for the property. The home has a long history of famous residents, from Cary Grant to Edna St. Vincent Millay, and of price changes. The person who purchased the house in early 2010 paid $2.175 million for it, renovated it, and relisted it for $4.3 million. Unfortunately, that price proved too steep (wide?) for buyers, and the place was chopped until arriving at the final $3.25 million.
One of the home's other previous residents was children's writer Ann McGovern, who lived in the house for seven years. She then wrote a picture book, Mr. Skinner's Skinny House, about a man who moves into the house and can't find a roommate. We're guessing that, having paid $3.25M for the property, that's not something Gund will need to worry about.

Since it will probably be at least a year until this place comes back on the market, here's a last look at the floorplan:

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Narrowest House

75 1/2 Bedford Street, New York, New York 10014