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See Six Months In Manhattan In This Brilliant 3 Minute Video

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Photographer Drew Geraci spent six months shooting Manhattan scenes from more than 100 different locations, and he's combined his 50,000+ still frames into a stunning three-minute time lapse video. Geraci owns the production company District 7 Media with Arthur Breese, and the pair scouted the locations?from Grand Central and Times Square to the Flatiron Building and Central Park?beforehand in order "to shoot them in a way that maybe hasn't been shot before." They told Smithsonian Magazine that all shooting locations were accessed legally, except for the subway platform. The MTA told them to leave, but they snuck past: "We had to figure out a way to time the train, put out the tripod, get the camera ready, maybe shoot 400 frames and then book it out of there."
· Watch New York City Come Alive in This Amazing Timelapse [Smithsonian]