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Lower East Side FSBO Listing Makes the Switch, Ups the Price

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Norfolk Street's Switch Building is a throwback to the early days of the new wave of Lower East Side architecture, but the prices are 100 percent contemporary. In fact, a humble for sale by owner listing in the building is making an attempt to cash in. That listing, which spent eight short days on the market in July asking $1.985 million as an FSBO, has just returned under the broker guidance of Nestseekers' and Million Dollar Listing's Ryan Serhant asking $2.275 million. The building was designed by nArchitects, and this 2BR, 2BA (with private balcony) has a few customizations, including a home theater system, double steel doors for security (eep), and custom closets.
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Switch Building

109 Norfolk Street, New York, NY 10002