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Tracking Manhattan's Staggering Wealth Gap by Neighborhood

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From the man who visualized what New York City would look like plonked on the inhospitable surfaces of other planets and what would happen to the Statue of Liberty after 500 years of sea level rise comes a new, sobering set of projections. For, artist and professional photo alterer Nickolay Lamm used median net worth data to create a graphic representation of Manhattan's wealth that lays bare just how stark the inequalities of wealth are. Because $100,000 in net worth corresponds to one centimeter of superimposed green tower, the Upper East and West Sides and Lower Manhattan are all chockablock with skyscrapers; meanwhile, Harlem, Inwood and the northern reaches of the isle in general are virtual plateaus. "I was inspired to create this project after standing atop Mt. Washington in my hometown of Pittsburgh and looking at the Pittsburgh skyline," Lamm writes. "I thought to myself What if you could actually see inequality? This relatively even landscape would look much different."

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