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Buy This Crazy Frank Gehry Wannabe House In Queens

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[All photos by George the Atheist via Queens Crap.]

The borough of Queens?specifically, the neighborhood of Woodside?is positively killing it this week with its motley assortment of bizarre homes. While this little oddball is kinda the most what-the-fuck incomprehensible eyesore of all time, the house on 32nd Avenue pictured above is funky but actually kinda neat, even if its askew aluminum facade and uneven roofline totally clash with its petite neighbors, who are plainly boxy and subly clad in blue and orange siding. But guess what? All three can all be yours. Eight units across the two normal-ish homes and the one weirdo (which itself contains a 2BR and a 3BR) are on the market for the grand total of $2.3 million. A big h/t to Queens Crap for first spotting this, um, gem. That blog called it "Grade A crap," while photographer George the Atheist thought it looked more like a can of soda. An homage to the IAC building, perhaps, a la Frank effin' Gehry? Who knows, man.

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