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Look Around Dolly Parton's Fifth Avenue Penthouse in 1980

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If you ever wanted to see what Dolly Parton's New York City apartment in the '80s looked like, now is your chance, as Gothamist uncovered this 1980 interview with Parton and the late Huell Howser. Parton doesn't actually seem to be all that crazy about her 26th-floor Fifth Avenue penthouse, though—she tells Howser, "I don't get here all that often, but it's a good place for me to work," and then compares her Central Park views to being in the country. She also told the Daytona Beach News Journal in 1979 that the apartment is "not my taste."

"Are these all your books?" Howser asks her, later in the interview. "Well," Parton responds, "they're all my books, but most of them were just bought and put in here for looks." It's a shame Dolly didn't just decorate the place herself. That probably would have been a fun place to look around.
· Video: Visit Dolly Parton's 5th Avenue Penthouse In The 1980s [Gothamist]