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55 Hope Street's Pissed Tenants; Serial Flipper Must Stop Work

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WILLIAMSBURG?Looks like the complaints haven't stopped over at the 55 Hope Street rentals. A tipster sent in a scan of a letter that every tenant received, which emphasizes limited use of the roof deck and threatens . Here's what the angry resident has to say:

The way customers are treated at 55 Hope Street is beyond a disgrace. I love my apartment but I feel compelled to leave when the lease is up due to a long line of gaffes, insults and customer service failures. This latest in a series of insults was slipped under our doors tonight. Not only is the content annoying and petty but so too is the tone. The letter ends with a blanket threat of legal action against anyone with the audacity to commit the crime of being one of Gershon's hapless customers, or to attempt to resist the removal of amenities that we thought we had bought and paid for. (Gershon's lawyers don't agree, one would assume.) The roof deck we were shown by realtors who wanted our money is now effectively off limits at sundown and now that they have our money they not longer care about what we do or don't get in return for it. Disgusting.

This building has been having issues since its certificate of occupancy was delayed due to Hurricane Sandy, and it looks like its troubles haven't alleviated one bit. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

UPPER EAST SIDE?Russian developer and serial house flipper Janna Bullock has run into some hiccups with one recent project, a townhouse at 12 East 82nd Street. A tipster has sent us a photograph of the stop work order on the site, which has been in effect since May and is in line with the violation-filled DOB permit filings. The house sold for "only" $15 million in February, which was $4M less than its ask, but it appears that construction work has been ongoing since about 2006. If anyone has intel on its status, the tipline is always open. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

55 Hope Street

55 Hope Street, New York, NY 11211