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City Planning Approves Plans for 5Pointz and Hallets Point

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It's time to begin those farewells to 5Pointz, the Long Island City graffiti mecca that owner David Wolkoff plans to demolish and replace with two residential towers. As of today, the City Planning Commission has approved the redevelopment proposal, Brownstoner Queens notes. A vote from the City Council comes next?and seems like to pass?but 5Pointz advocates are planning to rally. Wolkoff's plans call for 1,000 units spread over the two new buildings, plus some art installations alongside the luxury amenities.

It was a busy, Queens-centered day for the City Planning Commission?the commission also approved the zoning changes that will be needed for the Hallets Point project. The plan would bring a new development called Astoria Cove to Hallets Point, as developer Lincoln Equities Group has been trying to do since 2009. Better late than never?
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