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From Tunnels to Bridges, Explore NYC's Off-Limits Places

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Whether it's Red Hook's mammoth, decaying grain terminal, dilapidated buildings on North Brother Island, or the graffiti-filled Gowanus Bat Cave, New York's abandoned, hard-to-reach, usually-off-limits spaces are near and dear to our hearts. That's why we heartily recommend checking out Gotham Ruins, a new solo exhibition opening tonight at West Chelsea's ArtNow NY gallery courtesy of a photographer who goes by the pseudonym 2E. (Oh, the intrigue!) "Surpassing hurtles of legality or danger is built into the artist's practice. 2E has free climbed the Brooklyn, Williamsburg and Hell Gate Bridges, trespassed on abandoned property, even scaled the iconic smoke stack of the Domino Sugar Factory," says his official site. "The artist's actions not only produce stunning and monumental photographs, but the work itself becomes an act of subversive preservation: documenting the historic before it is obsolete." So expect to see daredevil-ish shots of near-inaccessible train tunnels, captures from the tops of bridges, and more.

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