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20th Street Will Get 12 Giant Units, Penthouse With A Hot Tub

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Well hello there, boxy building. Earlier this year, Gale International paid Extell $9.75 million for a site at 21 West 20th Street, with plans already approved to build a 15-story, 12-condo residence designed by Beyer Blinder Belle. And now, thanks to the eagle-eyed folks at BuzzBuzz Home, we now know what that building will look like, via some exterior and interior renderings posted on Gale's website. Basically, it'll be straightforward, with some square-shaped additions jutting out the top. All of the apartments are full-floor except for the top, which is a duplex. The facade will be made of "blackened stainless steel, glass, and stone," and the three units below the official penthouse (which, confusingly, will also be called penthouses) will have terraces, while the two-level Real Penthouse at the top will also, apparently, have a hot tub. Nice! Last we checked, the building is expected to be complete in 2014. The teaser site currently redirects back to the developer, but keep an eye out for more details.

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