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Big Reveal: $650,000 For A 1BR In Long Island City

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This week's PriceSpotter property in Long Island City (a place of, apparently, debatable value) elicited a whopping 63 reader reactions, but anonymous commenter #3 was the first to guess the asking price correctly: $650,000. The proposed prices ranged from $421K to $749K, with most arguing about the awkward floorplan and the relatively enormous size of the bathroom compared with the rest of the apartment. Many also (correctly) guessed that the apartment is a 1BR/1BA in lawsuit magnet Arris Lofts, and one cheeky person wanted to know if you could bring an "adult beverage" to the roof. Fight it out, folks.

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Arris Lofts

27-28 Thomson Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101