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Neighbor Sues Homebuilder Over West Village Renovation

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Homebuilder Ara Hovnanian moved from West 12th Street to West 4th Street last year, picking up 292 West 4th Street for $7 million. Hovnanian and his neighbor, Daniel Kramer, signed a construction licensing agreement this April "to ensure the safety and structural integrity of Kramer's home" during Hovnanian's renovation?and then Hovnanian's construction promptly cracked the walls and ceilings and even moved the foundation of Kramer's home, according to a negligence suit Kramer has filed in Manhattan Supreme Court. The suit asks for at least $3 million in damages, according to the Post, and the lawsuit enumerates a number of small issues, including a perforated skylight, leaks, mold, and other water damage. Kramer spent 13 years renovating his place, so we can understand his frustration.
Hovnanian's place did need some work, though: when he bought it (the photos are from the most recent listing), it was still configured as a two-family home.
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