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Celebrate Shitshow Week; Investigation Bread Customs; More!

This week's top dish from Eater NY, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog?

1) New York City: This has been Eater NY's annual Shitshow Week, highlighting the worst in NYC restaurants. Please have a look at restaurant world grievances and profiles of shitshow restaurants, including one where visitors are given fur coats because the place is an ice bar.

2) Soho: About those Cronut burgers poisoning people in Canada, Cronut chef Dominique Ansel has this to say: "they shoulda spent less time ripping off someone's idea and more time on not poisoning people." Indeed.

3) New York City: A decade ago, it wasn't uncommon to walk by a restaurant early in the morning and see sacks of bread outside. Eater columnist Robert Sietsema investigates this custom, which still occurs in about one out of every 30 restaurants in Greenwich Village, Soho, and the West Village.

4) Brooklyn Bridge Park: The restaurants in the park now include the newest outpost of Fornino, which will eventually also have a rooftop garden serving beer.

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