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(Probably) Arrested Development

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Our hopes were so high for Pier A. After years of missteps and unrealized plans, delays and debt, the beleaguered, 127-year-old former home of the harbor police was finally on track to becoming an oyster bar, restaurant, and generally boozy chill-out spot. But now city comptroller and mayoral hopeful John Liu has rejected the Battery Park City Authority's request for a bond sale to raise part of the $5 million needed to build an outdoor public plaza; meanwhile, the Economic Development Corporation, which owns the pier, doesn't want to foot the project's entire $30 million bill. It's unclear whether the financing kerfuffle will cause a delay in the coming of the oysters, but we'll just leave you with this optimistic story from five years ago: "Pier A is Really, Really Going to Happen. Promise." Uh-huh... [Tribeca Trib; previously]

Pier A

4 Battery Place, New York, NY