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Brooklyn Bank-Turned-Condos Reveals Floorplans, Amenities

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The owners of the landmarked Brooklyn bank building at 177 Montague Street decided late last year to take the place condo, adding 12 units that "blend the scale and comfort of a Manhattan loft with the intimacy of a townhouse." Or so claims the salesbabble for the conversion, which now has a teaser site up. The vibe is historical, with illustrations instead of renderings and the kind of old-timely lettering that replaces "U" with "V." Judging by the contact form, the building will include three-bedroom through five-bedroom units; amenities include a lounge, teen room, children's playroom, music practice room, gym, roof terrace, pet spa, and "oversize" laundry room. The 1913 building, modeled after Verona's Palazzo della Gran Guardia, was designed by York & Sawyer, who we imagine shaking their heads at the idea of a pet spa.
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177 Montague Street

177 Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY