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Midtown Rooftop Mystery Solved; Harlem Conversion Sells Out

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HELL'S KITCHEN?On Friday, we posted a tipster-submitted photo about a mysterious structure on the roof of the old Mercedes building at 40th Street and Eleventh Avenue (not to be confused with Mercedes House, which isn't far away). From afar, it looked like it contained a stage with bleachers and a video screen attached. Despite one cheeky answer ("Its Aliens looking for an 'affordable rental' in NYC"), two commenters solved the mystery for us; one wrote: "It is related to "Million Second Quiz." They will be filming throughout the building. The rooftop thing will be where they do their 'in front of a live audience' shots." Well, ask and ye shall receive. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

HARLEM?Prewar condo conversion Park Manhattan, on 411-421 Manhattan Avenue between 117th and 118th streets, has sold out. After seven months on the market, all of the 14 units are in contract and closings have begun; they sold for between $169K (for a tiny studio, at one time one of the smallest apartments on the market) and $545K for a two-bedroom. [CurbedWire Inbox; official]