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Noise Complaints

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Though the FAA has long tried to avoid disturbing U.S. Open matches by directing airplanes departing from LaGuardia to follow a certain route out of the city, an alternative flight path that has slowly gone into effect consolidates take-offs over certain parts of northern Queens. And, you guessed it, people are mad. One Bayside resident said, "It's like having screaming jet engines right over your house... You can't even have a conversation in your own living room. You can't hear the television. You can't talk on the phone." As is usual with these things, upset New Yorkers have banded together and formed a group, Queens Quiet Skies, to advocate for some peace and quiet. In the meantime, politicians are pushing for a citywide study that would measure noise levels around all area airports, which could lead to reroutes or funding to soundproof homes. But that idea isn't helping Queens residents sleep tonight. [NYT; photo via Flickr/janekrat]