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Rent on the Apthorp's Top Floor While It's Still the Top Floor

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This new listing is on the top floor of Upper West Side classic the Apthorp?for now. The developers are scheming to add four penthouses to the building's roof, so before that happens, why not rent one of the building's current highest apartments for $14,000/month?The apartment was purchased in February for $3,462,050, but has never actually been lived in, according to the brokerbabble. Instead, the buyer just customized it with Plato cabinetry and, it seems, added a "third bonus room" to the original two bedrooms.
· Listing: 390 West End Avenue [Demsker Realty via StreetEasy]
· Apthorp coverage [Curbed]

Apthorp Building

390 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10023