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Remembering The Murals And Graffiti Of 1990s Manhattan

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[All photos © G. Alessandrini via his blog, New York in the 1990's.]

Though he's now a director of video production at Louis Vuitton in his native France, Gregoire Alessandrini spent seven memorable years as a student in New York. From 1991 to 1998, he roamed the streets of Lower Manhattan with his film camera, capturing many neighborhoods before the full brunt of gentrification hit. Seedy, XXX-rated Times Square? Check. The Meatpacking District, before it got gussied up with fancy retail and the High Line? Check? Long-gone billboards and signage? Check. Now his lens has turned to the murals and graffiti that were once ubiquitous in that part of town, before major city-wide clean-up efforts wiped many walls and building surfaces clean. Do you remember these?

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