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Buyer Pays $300,000 for Storage Unit at Tribeca's 56 Leonard

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Since its return from arrested development status, Tribeca's 56 Leonard has continued to stomp all over the downtown real estate market, raising prices and setting records. And one buyer, the Post revealed yesterday, has spent $300,000 on a storage unit within the building (to go along with a 3BR on an upper floor). A 200-square-foot storage unit, meaning the price breaks down to $1,500/square foot. And the storage unit costs actually go as high as $1,800/square foot, with the cheapest asking $72,000 for 40 square feet. The storage units "have no walls, carpeting or shelves," the Post notes?though why they would have carpeting, we're not sure?but they can have electricity and security cameras for an extra $20/month.

The Post also offers an update on the regular, non-storage-unit sales within the building, and 56 Leonard is 80 percent sold, with sales adding up to $900 million so far. We'll have to wait until closings begin to get the hard numbers on those sales.
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56 Leonard St

56 Leonard Street, Manhattan, NY 10013